Students playing English board games while learning English in park in Brno

Game-Based English Learning in Brno

We lead adults as well as children to fluent English using game-based approach.

Our students speak English fluently while having fun, building relationships and improving other useful soft skills.


Do you recognise yourself in any of these statements?

I have studied English for years but still cannot speak fluently!
I could never practise English in meaningful situations!
I do not have talent for acquiring languages!
I find language learning just so boring and difficult!

If yes, don’t worry – there’s a better and funnier way to learning and speaking English fluently!

Learning Is Part Of Our Game

Gain confidence
Speak endlessly
Enjoy learning
Build relationships

English For Businesses

Build stronger teams, improve career-related soft skills, make new connections!

English For Adults

Think in English, speak fluently, make new friends & have fun!

English For Kids

Lead your children to love languages and let them have memorable experiences!

Board Games in English

Use English as a tool to explore the rich world of board games.

Two groups of learners are working on tasks using fluent English to collaborate

Anyone Can Speak English

Learning foreign languages can (and must!) be fun. Our approach uses the most natural pathways leading you to thinking in English. Once there, you are only a few playful experiences to speaking fluently. Although language learning stands in the core of our methodology, your focus is redirected to hands-on activities which let you enhance other soft skills useful in your career and daily life.

Join Our Community

Language learning is easier in teamwork. Apart from courses, we host various events which let you practise English in meaningful conversations.

Meet like-minded pals and apply your knowledge and skills in real life while performing activities you are passionate about!

If you already have a team, spend your time together wisely, yet with entertainment involved.

Gameful Meetups


A2+ level

Gameful Teambulding


B1+ level

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