About Language Games

We believe in better language learning which is as engaging as it is functional. That is what Language Games are all about. The revolution of gamification and (serious) game-based education is already happening and we strive to contribute to it.

Learn Language via Games

Our first public session was held on 2nd February 2022 and has revealed its potential immediately. In April 2022, we started hosting our regular weekly meetups which aim to let people practise English speaking skills while playing games. Naturally, they build new friendships and gain other soft skills, too.

Educational Games

From that point, it only took a few months for our first course plan to be developed and tested with the help of our engaged community of English learners. In April 2023, we created our first educational game “Visitors From Afar” which helps learners to identify effective learning methods and is nowadays also used as a means to discovering their current fluency level.

Language Courses

Since then, we created more courses perfectly tailored for the needs of our learners, including board game club for children and a unique course for business owners. We conduct teambuilding programmes for companies and mentor adults to equip them with tools necessary to learn as many languages as they want. Our mentees become autonomous learners who do not need a language lecturer ever again.

Studenti Language Games hrají hru, při které si zvyšují plynulost v angličtině.

Language Games: Vision

To help adults as well as children learn as many languages as they want by showing them how easy and fun it can be when using brain-friendly approach.

Language Games: Mission

To extract educational potential from games and create an environment which leads students to gain practical skills.

Language Games: Values

Autonomy – owning one’s life goals.
Cooperation – helping others fulfill their potential.
Education – enjoying learning and discovering.

Skupinka dobrovolníků testuje pro Language Games vzdělávací hru.

Your Language Guide

Hi, I am Silvi!

I majored in teaching English and German as foreign languages which has made me a “Master”. 😅 However, I have been helping people with learning languages since 2013 as a foreign language tutor.

I taught in multiple language schools in which I was in charge of 💬 language courses for children, preparations for exams for young adults and adults, business classes for companies, and tutoring of both struggling and highly talented students.

Somewhere along the way, I have realised that instead of “teaching” people the traditional way, it makes more sense to help them acquire the 🛠️ tools needed to learn on their own.

The 🎯 goal of education reshaped for me:

from a lector who supports language learning

to a mentor who supports learning autonomy


My passion for foreign languages crystallised around the age of 14, whereas my first attempt to create a 🎲 board game goes even further back to the time when I was 10. Very naturally, I created a few educational games with specific learning goals (mostly to learn idioms) during my university studies, some of them as school assignments.

Yet, it was thanks to extra classes on topics of 🧠 cognitive neurosciences which I had attended outside of the scope of my alma mater that I began to see how it all connects. Ever since then, learning languages has not only been a 🍰 piece of cake for me, it has been a 💥 blast of fun!

To share the benefits of gamification and game-based language learning with the world, I created an 💝 innovative methodology which is being used in our courses and mentoring sessions.

Mgr. Silvia Chymová

Current Quest List

✅ Slovak
✅ English
✅ German
🔄️ French
B2 - speaking in progress
🔄️ Spanish
B2 - speaking in progress
🛑 Esperanto
B1 - paused
⬆️ Russian
A2 - all skills in progress
⬆️ Hungarian
A1 - vocab in progress
🛑 Greek
A1 - paused

Current Tasks