Gameful Meetups

Join us for game night! During the event, we conduct an icebreaker activity so that the participants get to know each other better. After that, we coordinate learners into playgroups according to their English level and guide them through games of various difficulties. At the end of the event, guides may give you feedback and tips on how to improve your English.

Our regular meetups are open to public. Everyone knows whom to talk to and what about. You never lack topics or speaking partners.

Meaningful Community

All our learners are part of a bigger community of like-minded fellows. Each month, apart from Gameful Meetups, they are invited to a special event tailored to their needs and preferences.

The only allowed language of these events is English, simulating life abroad without having to leave the town. Real life situations in areas our learners are interested in create the perfect conditions to automate foreign language knowledge, get to know new people and live a fulfilling life as a part of your own tribe.