English for Groups

This conversational course helps learners overcome their fear from speaking and gain confidence. Students play games which help them think in English and increase fluency.

It is suitable for students aged 16 years and more who have theoretical knowledge of English from school but had little to no opportunity to apply it.

Sessions take place in our school in Brno – Zábrdovice in the afternoon. When the weather is nice, we spend time outside.

Board Game Club

A preparatory course (before English for Individuals) for learners who do not believe they could speak any time soon. The students focus more on games than the language, having a unique opportunity to experience how it feels to learn in English without the fear of being embarrassed.

It is suitable for students aged 14 years and more who know little theory, have unpleasant experience with language learning, or do not trust themselves to speak. Board game enthusiasts whose main focus is to play and not so much to learn, are also going to find this course useful and worth their time.

Sessions take place in our school in Brno – Zábrdovice in the afternoon.

Language Mentoring

Language mentoring is a way for individuals or pairs to become fully autonomous learners. Not only do you have a private language guide to discuss language topics with but by the end of this mentoring, you will never be in need of another language lector ever again.

Mentoring is suitable for individuals over 15 years old who prefer having private sessions and want the freedom to learn as many languages as they desire further in life. This path is for you if you want to gain tools applicable to learn any language and undergo personal growth improving also other aspects of your daily life.

Sessions take place in our school in Brno – Zábrdovice or in our gameroom in Brno – Lesná. Time schedule is flexible based on the student’s needs.