English for Teams

The participants of the course develop the abilities to think and speak in English. Using playful collaborative activities, they build up stronger relationships with each other and deepen mutual trust. With increasing complexity of tasks, students  work on soft skills crucial for working environment, for example presentation skills, analytical thinking, problem solving, negotiation skills, etc.

The course is suitable for teams of at least 6 members (including managers) who need to communicate in English and want to grow together.

Sessions take place once a week for 2 hours in your office. The course can either contain 24 sessions (6 months) or 42 sessions (12 months). The longer the duration, the better teamwork and communication results.

English for Business Owners

The students supercharge their speaking skills while networking with other business owners. Grow your English skills with your enterprise simultaneously! 

The course aims to lose language barriers and increase speaking abilities in English for a specific group of leaders who have imminent need to communicate in English. Contact with the language after the course is key.

Sessions take place in our school in Brno – Zábrdovice twice a week. Forenoon classes as well as afternoon classes are available, depending on the demand.


Engage your team in meaningful activities which are as fun as educational. Using game-based approach, the team will gain insights into the minds of their colleagues as well as get to know themselves better.

Gather at least 6 team members who share one language and let’s spend their time actively and purposefully.

Teambuilding lasts at least 2 hours up to the entire weekend. One-time session as well as regular meetings are possible. It can be arranged in your office or off-site.