Fun and Effective English

Scientific Knowledge + Experience of Polyglots + Games = Your Success in Learning English

English for Teams

Long-term course that actually makes a difference in fluency and relationships. The course focuses on English speaking skills, fosters teamwork and enhances soft skills needed for successful career. It is suitable for teams of 6-16 members including their managers and takes place in your office.


Indulge yourself and your team in meaningful activities which have a positive impact on speaking and interpersonal skills. Collaborate with us to create a memorable event (or a series of them) for your employees full of valuable lessons, revelations and fun.

English for Business Owners

A smart businessman always looks for ways to combine business with pleasure. Use this educational opportunity not only to speak English fluently but also to network and develop unique skills which you as a leader must demonstrate daily.

Board Game Club

Our club lets you explore the world of board games. Participants learn basic as well as advanced game mechanics and build up overall board gaming skills. Club can be used as a preparatory class for intermediate course in terms of board gaming as well as English skills.

English For Groups

Conversational English course for B1+ learners over 16 years old full of games and fun activities which supports thinking in English. The main aim is to increase fluency level. It is possible to build up a course for 8 learners which consists solely of your friends and/or family.

Language Mentoring

Individual mentoring for anyone who dislikes limitations in life. The outcome of this programme is a fully autonomous learner equipped with tools which let them learn as many languages as they want on their own.

Board Game Club for Kids

Leisure time club for kids 10-16 years old to play board games in English. The main aim is to create positive memories and love for foreign language. Club members play undemanding games. Czech language may be used to increase understanding and avoid frustration.

Gameful Meetups

Play with us, meet new people and practise your speaking skills completely free of charge. Experience our communicative activities and games during which everyone knows whom to talk to and what about - adjusted to your English level. Introvert-friendly and stress-free environment.

Meaningful Community

Join our community of English learners to learn, play and network without limits! The best way to automate language knowledge.